Julie Rinkenberger

Supporting: 2022 5.44K - Be a Cancer Hero for Lazarex Cancer Foundation

I was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2014, and had treatment which included amputating my lower left leg and brutal chemotherapy. I went back to my life and work hoping for the best. Unfortunately, the cancer metastasized in 2016 and there weren't any approved therapies to treat it. I contacted Lazarex and they helped me find a clinic in southern California where I met a wonderful caring doctor and discussed clinical trials. In the end, I didn't enter a trial as I found out about a surgical option closer to home. However, going through this experience helped me understand that if I was having trouble finding a clinical trial despite having a science PhD. and working in a pharmaceutical company, most people would feel completely lost. Finding treatment for a rare cancer or one that has spread is incredibly hard for someone with cancer to manage on top of everything else. I admire the work that Lazarex does to help connect people with cancer to clinical trials, especially those that need financial support. Improving the participation of diverse groups of people in clinical trials helps new and better drugs get to market so they are available to treat all types of cancer. Lasarex offered a helping hand to me when I was struggling to figure out what to do next. At this time I would like to give back to them and support their mission of helping people find and participate in clinical trials. Please sponsor me to help me reach my goal for this campaign, and let others touched by cancer know about the wonderful work they do.

Thank you!


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   Donations will be accepted through May 23rd.

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The Lazarex 5.44K is a fundraising activity (walk, run, cycle, swim, etc.) that you can do anywhere, in your neighborhood. DON'T LET SOCIAL DISTANCING GET YOU DOWN!  The 5.44K is a great way to be active and contribute to a great cause! Help cancer patients continue to travel to their treatments for the best outcome possible. WHY 5.44K? We chose 5.44K (3.38 miles) because our patients travel an average of 544 miles RT for their cancer treatments.  Your participation will raise funds for the programs and patients of Lazarex Cancer Foundation

REASONS TO DO THE Lazarex 5.44K: Especially now we need to ensure that the cancer patients we serve can continue to afford to get to their treatments. Lazarex eases the financial burden of the out of pocket costs for travel to clinical trials for each patient. We rely on public funding to be able to provide this service.

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