Rosemary Meehan Tator

by Rosemary Tator

Supporting: Saturday, April 24, 2021 for Lazarex Cancer Foundation



I’m walking 544K (3.38 miles) to raise funds and awareness for the Lazarex Foundation this Saturday April 24, 2021.  Lazarex was formed to help patients access to cancer clinical trials across the nation by paying for their transportation costs.

I am now in a clinical trial for a new drug that is designed to stop the growth of my cancer.  I am the fortunate one, living so close to this mecca of first-class medical centers in Boston.  I’ve been in this Phase One Trial for over 7 months and average 6+ appointments in Boston per month between exams, scans, treatments, etc.  Lazarex refunds my related transportation costs.

I am local and would be in this trial even without their financial support.  But what about the others?  Cancer doesn’t know state (or country) boundaries.  What about those patients who are running out options, but still wouldn’t even think about being in a trial that may save their life because it’s being offered so far away – too costly.


I realize this is short notice, but I see that Saturday is going to be a beautiful day.  So, join me – walk, run swim, “fly” wherever you are - 3.38 miles for Lazarex.  I am also asking you to donate to the Lazarex Foundation.  They are the one’s who provide these patients with the funds to travel to Boston or wherever these trials are being conducted. I set a goal of $5440 , because 544 miles is the average distance their patients travel round-trip to participate in these trials.

Our drug company researchers are paid for their work; our doctors and nurses and staff are being paid to run these trials; but none of this can happen without patients being willing and able to participate.  If you choose to donate, this money goes right to those patients who make this all possible.

Thank you.


Choose REGISTER TODAY to register for the Lazarex 5.44K anywhere you like. You can register multiple participants during this process. Contact us if you are interested in starting a team.

Choose FUNDRAISE FOR US to create your own fundraising page to raise money for Lazarex Cancer Foundation (in addition to, or in lieu of, participating in the 5.44K). Fundraising is not required but it is appreciated! You will need to go back to the "Register Today" tab to register if you are participating in the 5.44K.. Friends and family will be able to join your fundraiser by searching for you or by joining you during the registration process.

The Lazarex 5.44K is a fundraising activity (walk, run, cycle, swim, etc.) that you can do anywhere, in your neighborhood. DON'T LET SOCIAL DISTANCING GET YOU DOWN!  The 5.44K is a great way to be active and contribute to a great cause! Help cancer patients continue to travel to their treatments for the best outcome possible. WHY 5.44K? We chose 5.44K (3.38 miles) because our patients travel an average of 544 miles RT for their cancer treatments.  Your participation will raise funds for the programs and patients of Lazarex Cancer Foundation

REASONS TO DO THE Lazarex 5.44K: Especially now we need to ensure that the cancer patients we serve can continue to afford to get to their treatments. Lazarex eases the financial burden of the out of pocket costs for travel to clinical trials for each patient. We rely on public funding to be able to provide this service.

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